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As a safety net hospital, the majority of patients at Children’s Hospital are uninsured or otherwise not able to pay for medical treatment. While the Braddocks’ original involvement began with providing psychological support for medical providers, it has since expanded to include psychosocial support for families whose children are undergoing treatment.


To expand psychological services and emotional support for Children’s Hospital Oakland patients and staff.

The hematology oncology department at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland treats about 800 young patients suffering from life-threatening diseases each year. Even as doctors were achieving incredible outcomes for their patients’ physical health, however, they knew there was a massive gap in mental health care. For many of their patients and their families, the challenge of mental wellness was compounded by health inequities, housing instability, and food insecurity.


Building a Whole Team of Psychological Support

The department has been able to expand its psychological support staff from one psychologist to a full team of practitioners and services.
Now, each year, they’re able to help hundreds more kids avoid depression, manage anxiety, and live happier, more fulfilling lives, all while supporting the wellness of their staff and physicians.
Expanding the Team
The department now has six full-time psychologists and four PhD interns to provide psychological and emotional support.
Schwartz Rounds
A mental health support program for doctors provides a non-judgemental space to share the social and emotional challenges of their work.
Counseling for the Whole Family
Life-threatening illnesses impact the entire family. This means prioritizing counseling to parents and siblings as well.

Hudson's Story

“For the longest time, Hudson didn’t want to be identified as a ‘cancer kid.’ He has more confidence now, and he’s proud of being a cancer survivor. Counseling was pivotal to achieving that.”
- Ellen, Hudson's mother
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Bereavement Services for the Entire Family

Because of the nature of Children’s Hospital, offering kind, caring, and thoughtful bereavement services is an essential part of the process for families who are facing terminal illness. 
With help from Braddock Philanthropies, they’ve been able to expand their services, including:

Bereavement Coordinator
A full-time coordinator expands bereavement services to help families grieve their loss and begin the journey of healing.
Comfort Cart
This portable cart is filled with items of comfort and activities for a family to enjoy with their child near the end of life, including craft materials that can be used to create mementos, which families later receive in their loved one’s Memory Box.

Expanding the Paw Print of Pet Therapy

UCSF Oakland Children’s therapy dog program lifts
the spirits of young patients, one fuzzy high-five at a time.
Bringing on a New Dog & Child Life Specialist
Braddock Philanthropies helps fund both staff and dog training, annual vet costs, food and supplies, and medical and liability insurance (required of all facility dogs).
Therapy Sessions
Therapy sessions are catered to each patient’s needs, with the dog calmly sitting at the bedside or cuddling in bed. Activities like brushing fur can even encourage patients to use certain muscle groups in rehabilitation.

How it All Started

Meet Katherine Scribner, physician and advisor

This partnership began when Katherine, Bob Braddock’s goddaughter, conducted her medical school rotations as a young physician at UCSF Children’s. Under Dr. Barbara Beach, a pediatric oncologist, Katherine witnessed first-hand the Hematology Oncology Department’s need for additional resources to serve low-income families. Together with the Braddock Family, they pioneered a philanthropic partnership to provide world class psychological services to those in need.

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