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In the mid-late 1990s, the Braddock Foundation created and funded the Braddock Educational Support Team to provide tutoring services to any student at the Lundquist College of Business who needed a little extra help. At the time, this was a revolutionary development in student services.


Offer low-barrier services that are accessible to anyone looking for academic support with a business course

While almost every college in America today provides student tutoring services, it was unheard of in Bob Braddock’s time at the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business. Commonplace student services like tutoring or even financial aid did not exist. But as a student athlete from a modest background, he knew all too well the academic difficulties of higher education. Students from underprivileged backgrounds, especially first-generation college students, faced difficulties navigating higher education and being successful.

Braddock Tutoring

The college’s tutoring program has grown exponentially and is now known at the University of Oregon simply as Braddock Tutoring
Peer Tutoring 5 Days a Week & Summer
The tutoring center is open to students 5 days a week at no cost to them. Funded entirely by the Braddock Foundation, it provides 1-on-1 tutoring on a drop-in basis. Recently, Braddock Tutoring also became available to students throughout the summer.
Summer Bridge Program
The transition to college can be jarring, especially for first-gen and underrepresented students. Summer Bridge is a 1-2 week orientation program that helps transition pre-business students from high school to college. It helps them catch up on basic math skills, get acquainted with all the resources on campus, and build community with others in their cohort.
Benefits for First-Generation Students
Braddock Tutoring looks to hire first-generation students as tutors. Through their work, they gain experience tutoring, solidify their business knowledge, and build communication skills to put on their resume. Many students who get tutored go on to become tutors themselves.

How it All Started

Giving back to an alma mater.

Bob Braddock was an accounting student at the University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business in the 30s when his interest in real estate began. After meeting his future wife there, they went on to build a successful career and wanted to give back to the place where it all started. With a focus on helping as many students as possible, Bob and his wife, Lois, funded Braddock Tutoring as well as numerous business major, athlete, and faculty scholarships.

Pictured Left: Bob and Lois Braddock
Pictured Right: Lois, Cherie Keemar and Robert Braddock

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